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What Is a Website Audit?

Google Performance

Is your site well optimised for Google. Does it rank well for the right things. Where could it do better.


Site Usability

How well does your site work for people using it. Can they easily find what they need, and take the actions you want.


Is your site built in a way that works for you. Is it up to date and secure. Are there 'hidden' technical reasons why it is not performing well.



What is missing from your website. What could be there to get more people to your website. How could you generate more sales from your site.

How Does This Work?

It would be great if we could just push a button and a details report just popped out. But it just doesn’t work like that. It takes an experienced human eye to assess your website and understand it well.

When we audit a website, an experienced web developer will dig deep into the public side of your website. They will identify what your website is doing well, and those areas where it could be doing better. This takes significant skill and experience, so please do allow a few days for your report to be compiled and delivered to you.

How Does This Help?

After handing over my website management to, my website is looking professional, is properly set up for SEO and Google Analytics – and I am now getting several new enquiries every week! Thanks to Martin from for turning my website from a costly burden into a money-making asset!
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