Plans & Pricing

Simply choose your plan below to get started. It only takes 2 minutes – no lengthy phone calls or meetings required. But if you have any questions first just contact us here – we’re happy to help.

Pay Yearly to Save 25%

Monthly Core Site Updates
Monthly Plugin/Addon Updates
Monthly Core Site Updates
Monthly Plugin/Addon Updates
Monthly Cloud Site Backups
Weekly Core Site Updates
Weekly Plugin/Addon Updates
Weekly Cloud Site Backups
Minor Site Edits/Changes

Core Site Updates

Site updatesThis means updates to the main software (or CMS) that runs your website. This could be WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or something else. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what it is, we can figure that one out later.

Plugin/Addon Updates

Plugin updatesThis includes updating all those extras that have been added to your site to make it do what you wanted it to do. They may be called themes, plugins or add-ons – these are the extra bits of software that may do everything from defining the whole layout of your website, to creating a contact form or managing your sites SEO.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backupsWe all know backing up your data is important, but doing it is a nuisance. Our backups securely store a copy of everything that makes up your website (the files, graphics and database) in the cloud. It’s not much use saving a backup of your site on the web server where the site itself exists – if that fails you lose your backup too!

We use the purpose built infrastructure provided by Amazon S3 (yes, that Amazon) – it doesn’t get better than that.

Site Edits/Changes

Site editsSometimes you need minor adjustments made to your site, and don’t want to pay a ‘web designer’ for a days work! With this option those minor edits are covered at no extra charge. This could be anything from fixing spelling mistakes you’ve spotted to changing your contact details.

We can also take care of larger content or design changes for you too, as chargeable extra work.

Let us take care of your site so you don’t have to:-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What information do you need?
Today, we only need to know your contact details and website address. It’s as simple as that. Once we have looked over your site then we’ll contact you to request login details so we can start managing the site for you.

Can you backup my site for me?
Yes, absolutely. Make sure you choose a Plus or Premium plan and we will securely backup your site to cloud storage.

Why do you use cloud storage for backups?
Because it is far safer than simply backing up to your web server. If your web server failed you could lose your backups as well as your site. We use Amazon S3 for the highest possible reliability.

Is there are discount for more than one website?
Yes, just contact us with the number of sites you would like managed, and we’ll get back to you with a discounted price.

What if an update causes problems with my site?
We’ll fix it. We spot most problems before they ever happen of course. But in the rare event that something does break, we’ll get your site back up and running. And make sure the author of the software causing problems is aware so they can fix it.

How long am I locked in for?
There is no ongoing commitment – you can of course cancel at any time.

What if I want to change my plan?
You can – just let us know, and we can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan.

I still have a question?
No problem – just contact us here and we’ll be more than happy to help. We may be IT geeks but we are nice friendly people too.