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NZ Digital Marketing Bites

News you can use to sell more, convert better and rank higher. Get weekly updates you can action for quick online marketing wins.

Here’s the kind of tips we’re going to be talking about in the weeks to come:-

  • Conversion: sales are dollars, so every tweak to your sales process can really impact your bottom line.
  • 'SEO': search engines are a fast moving target, stay on top of what's worth doing – and what isn't.
  • Email: communicate better with your prospects and customers, get happier customers that buy more and recommend you.
  • Websites: keywords, content, split testing and how to get proper actionable data.

Techno-Babble Checked At The Door

The world of online marketing and websites is filled to the brim with jargon.

So let me cut through all of that for you. Digital Marketing Bites is about bite-size marketing tips to amp up your business online.

If your business is 100% online or part bricks & mortar, part online – this is for you. Even if online is something you’re only just starting to think about (it’s never too late).

Not everything I cover will be relevant to your business. In fact sometimes I’ll even be telling you not to take any action. Online marketing has a habit of being very trendy. But jumping on every latest fad is like throwing mud at a barn. Sure, something might stick. But better to filter out the noise and do what’s going to give your business long term benefits, right?

So choose what you can use, skip what you can’t and let me help you throw out the stuff that will just waste your time.