Website Management Services For The Small Business

You work on your business, let us keep your website up to date.

Forget The Tech Stuff

If your business is NOT building websites and installing/updating software — then don’t waste your time trying to figure that stuff out. You work on your business, and we’ll look after your website. It’s what we do.

Who Is This Service For?

If you’re a sole trader, or a small business — then our site maintenance service is just what you need. It is ideal for tradies, retailers, cafes, restaurants, dentists, beauty and health therapists or home based businesses. Any smaller business that doesn’t have time, knowledge or the desire to maintain their website.

What Sites Do We Manage?

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, huh..? However your site has been created, we can take care of updating and managing it for you. So if you want someone to manage your WordPress site, your Joomla site or even an old static HTML site. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know what kind of site you have – we can figure out.

Wordpress to Drupal site maintenance services

Can You Back Up My Site?

Website backups for small businessWe know we should back up our data, but it’s a pain and we forget. But what happens if your web hosting company disappears, or their server crashes? Can you recover your business website or would you have to start again?

We can also take care of backing up your site. We can do it regularly so you will always have a recent version of the site. And we store your data safely in the cloud. We use Amazon S3 technology – yes, that Amazon – it doesn’t get much more reliable than that.

Let’s Get Started Today

It’s easy to get this done. We don’t need to have any meetings, technical phone calls or waste any of your time.

Simply choose the level of service you want – you can pay monthly or yearly. We will then check your site and request some basic access details. And that’s it. You can then just leave it to us to manage your site for you.

Any Questions?

You might find the answer you need on our Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) page here. Or you can always just use our handy contact page here to get in touch.

You work on your business, let us keep your website up to date.