Category: WordPress How To’s

Here’s some general tips on how to do various basic (and some more advanced) tasks using the ever popular WordPress website builder and content management system.

If you have any problems though, or need help managing or maintaining your WordPress site just get in touch. We help look after all types of website (see website management services), but WordPress is a favourite.

How to get the WP dashboard

How To Get To The WordPress Dashboard

Getting to the WordPress dashboard is easy (but then everything is easy when you know how!). To access the dashboard you do have to be a logged-in user. If you don’t have an account for the site, you cannot access the dashboard at all.

WP Export Posts

How To Export WordPress Posts (With Images)

Once in a blue moon you might find it useful to export your posts out of WordPress. It’s quite a straightforward process – but there are a couple of ‘gotchas’ to be very careful about. This guide should help you decide if exporting posts is really what you want to

WP laptop

How To Login To My WordPress Admin Panel?

To do anything in WordPress you first need to log yourself in to the Admin Panel. This is the area of WordPress where you change settings and add your content. It’s the ‘behind the scenes’ side that your website visitors don’t see.