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Websites and digital marketing are complicated. Here we provide tips and general website help for normal people – that means minimal jargon and tech-speak!

Website Down - Don't Panic

My Website Is Down – How Do I Fix It?

If your website is down, the first thing to do is not panic (at least, not yet anyway!). Websites can be unavailable for a number of very different reasons. So the next thing you need to do is figure out if it’s genuinely down – or if it’s just something

website cost

How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

The short (and really unhelpful) answer to this question is – it depends! But I’m going to be a lot more helpful than that. 🙂 And get specific. Along the way we’ll break down what goes in to making a website, how that relates to the price – and how

Website sales

5 Quick Ways to Get More Sales From Your Website

These quick wins can dramatically increase your online sales. I’ve personally seen people double or even triple sales from their website just by applying one or two of these properly. Let’s get started. 1. Clear Up Site Clutter Clutter = confusion. And confusion means lost sales. Your site should focus

Woman making phone call

How to Double Calls to Your Business

This is a quick guide to get more customer phone calls to your business. Applying these simple tips can double (and more) the number of people calling your business. Let’s dive in. Your Customers Are On Mobile Devices (Oh Yes They Are!) It’s so important to recognise this. Around 60%

Best business books to read now

11 Business Books To Read Right Now

This is my list of killer business books. You won’t like them all, but you will find at least one diamond here. This short list has transformed the lives of countless thousands of business owners. So if you want to regain the motivation for your business, sell more, truly understand

JHD website design

[Case Study] JHD Ltd Website Redesign

JHD had a web presence but were not getting the results they really wanted. We redesigned the site to focus in on their two types of customer, providing clear paths for them to get what they really wanted from the site. The results were a dramatic increase in retailers making

Why you need caching

What Is A Caching Plugin & Why Do I Need One?

I suppose we better briefly explain what caching is to start with 🙂 Caching is simply the process of storing a copy of something that is frequently used. Your web browser does it already whether you realise it or not.

Expert help for your website

5 Reasons To Let The Experts Look After Your Website

Many small businesses neglect their websites. And for good reason – it’s technical, it’s boring and it’s just not what you do for your core business. But don’t let that be an excuse to just ignore your site. Even if just 1 customer a month finds you because of that

Why Update

Why Should You Update WordPress Plugins?

You probably already know how important it is to keep WordPress updated, but what about plugins and themes? The short answer here is that yes, it’s important to keep everything updated. But the reasons why are worth knowing too.