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Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available to all businesses. Here we talk about ethical email marketing and how you can use email to build long term relationships with your prospects and customers.

List hygiene - reaching the email inbox

Email List Hygiene Best Practices (Don’t Sweat the Deletes)

If you want better email open rates and better click through rates – then it’s time to get familiar with the ‘delete subscriber’ button. It’s brutal, it’s hard to accept, but boy does it work. Here’s why and how to approach it. What Is List Hygiene in Email Marketing? List

Not reading emails

Is Nobody Reading Your Business Emails?
Here’s Why…

If your email open rates are poor, and nobody is replying – here’s 3 reasons why. And what you need to do to fix it. Let’s dig in. 1. Your Emails Are Boring (Sorry!) Sorry if that seems a bit brutal. But that’s what your customers think. If all you

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What Is Email Marketing?
& How Can Your Business Use It?

This is an introduction to email marketing. In this new guide you will learn: What email marketing is — and what it isn’t! Why email marketing is more important than ever How companies right now are getting average returns of 42 times by using email And more So let’s get