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What Is Email Marketing?
& How Can Your Business Use It?

This is an introduction to email marketing.

In this new guide you will learn:

  • What email marketing is — and what it isn’t!
  • Why email marketing is more important than ever
  • How companies right now are getting average returns of 42 times by using email
  • And more

So let’s get started.

What Do We Mean By Email Marketing?

Firstly let’s be really clear, we do NOT mean ‘spam’. We’re talking about emails that people want to get. That they’ve asked for.

If you do this well, people will look forward to receiving your emails and even thank you for them!

Because email marketing is about building a stronger relationship with your existing customers. And with those people who are interested in what you do but haven’t bought yet (prospects or leads).

Why Use Email Marketing?

The simple answer to this is the incredible return on investment (ROI). On average email marketing returns $42 for every $1 spent [1]. That dramatically outperforms other advertising methods.

It’s also important to note that this return is increasing not decreasing. Email use is on the rise. People browse social media but they read email.

But if all you ever send out are emails saying ‘sale’ or ‘buy this’ then expect poor results. Rightly so. Because those emails are boring and demonstrate you don’t really care that much about your customers.

Instead, if you get to know your customers and prospects better. And start to really engage with them and give them what they want. Well, be prepared for that 42 times return on investment!

Email Use Is On The Rise

Many have predicted the ‘death of email’ – don’t believe a word of it! It’s hard to get by without an email address. We need them to register online for services or accounts with most websites.

And instead of killing off email, use has exploded on mobile devices.

Of all emails that get read, 51.21% are on a phone [2]. That’s for the Australia/New Zealand region. In some areas it’s even higher.

Email isn’t going away any time soon 🙂

Email Gets Fast Results

Never think email is old fashioned and people get around to it eventually.

Because email use on phones is so strong, people check their emails very regularly.

90% of people check their personal email while at work. Around 49% check every few hours. And an amazing 24% check either ‘constantly’ or multiple times per hour. Again, that’s for their personal email account, while at work. [3]

28% of people are checking their email before they even get out of bed in the morning!

Your Email List Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Probably the biggest thing in favour of email marketing, is that you own your email list. Nobody can take that away from you.

Other marketing channels all have their place. But they come and go. Facebook ads, Google ads, search engine traffic – all can be valuable sources of new business. But you don’t own any of that data.

If you pay $1 for someone to click through to your website, and they don’t buy, they are gone. You can pay again to try and get them back (‘retargeting’). But if Facebook or Google change their terms, or decide to shut down your page or close your account, it’s game over.

If however you can get an email address from that prospect/lead, then you can continue to build the relationship and get more sales as a result. And nobody can take that email list away.

Jealously guard and protect your customer email list. It can save a business during a recession or other bad times.

More Answers: Email List Hygiene Best Practices

So How Can You Use Email Marketing In Your Business?

There are lots of ways.

If you run an online store, you can send an email to people who add something to their cart but don’t buy. This ‘shopping cart abandonment’ email if sent about 1 hour later, can increase sales by over 6% [4]. Interestingly, 1 hour is the sweet spot – any quicker or slower is less effective.

If you’re a service provider (everyone from massage therapists to tradies) you can stay in touch and stay on their radar. Send interesting or useful tips or updates that are relevant to your customers. Show you care and are thinking about their needs. You’ll be first on their list when they need your service.

Local retailers or hospo businesses can do the same. And of course you can also tell them about the latest new stock that’s just come in or menu updates. Or you can even get really clever and tailor those messages really precisely – ‘these new tops will go really well with the pants you bought’, or ‘you enjoyed our Italian pizzas, we’ve just got in some perfect new craft beers to go with them’.

Of course you can send genuine special offers and sale announcements too. Which can be very effective. Just balance them, and have a ‘reason why’. Consumers have (quite rightly) got very cynical of endless ‘fake’ sales.

There are many ways email can improve your sales process, and much of this can be automated too. But one of the keys to making it all work is to ensure you are thinking “how can I best help my customers”, not “how much money can I make from this email”.


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