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How to Double Calls to Your Business

This is a quick guide to get more customer phone calls to your business.

Applying these simple tips can double (and more) the number of people calling your business.

Let’s dive in.

Your Customers Are On Mobile Devices (Oh Yes They Are!)

It’s so important to recognise this. Around 60% of website visits now come from mobile devices (i.e. phones).

It varies by industry, so your figures may be higher or lower than this.

But no matter what type of business you run, I can tell you a very significant portion of your customers are reading your website on a phone.

So Make It Easy To Call You

Making It Easy Part 1

If phone calls are important to your sales, don’t hide your phone number.

I regularly see websites where phone calls are a critical source of income, yet you have to click around to find a contact number. Yes, do put it on your ‘contact us page’ – but please don’t make this the only place.

Instead put your phone number ‘front and centre’. Put it in the main menu at the top, and again in the menu at the bottom. This alone can increase inbound calls.

And make sure it is still visible when you view the website on a phone. Do not let those vital details disappear into a menu where you have to click a button to see it.

A good web designer can (and should) make your phone number more prominent on mobile devices. And here’s why…

Making It Easy Part 2

Your phone number should always be a ‘click to call’ link.


Because 60% of your website visitors are on a phone.

If you make it hard work for them, they will either ‘do it later’ (and not get around to it!) or just go elsewhere.

Creating a ‘click to call’ link is just as easy as creating any other link. But instead of creating a link that looks like this:-


Instead you create a link that looks like this:-


When you click this link when using a phone, it will dial the number. Nice and easy for your customer. This simple, but often overlooked, tip will increase sales calls.

NOTE: If you know people who have a website with this problem, please send them here so they can find out how to fix it πŸ™‚

Or if you would like help resolving problems like this, our web design services can help.

Bonus Tip: Send ‘Click To Call’ Emails

Modern emails are HTML just like a web page. So you should always provide clickable links for everything anyway. Including your phone number.

So how do you get (even more) customers to call you?

Send emails specifically asking your prospects or customers to call you. And give them the link to do that with a single click.

Don’t underestimate this. Over 50% of emails are read on phones. And 1-in-4 of us check our phone for those emails multiple times per hour.

So sending the right kind of emails can have your phone busy within minutes. In fact, you need to be careful not to email too many people at the same time. Unless you have a call centre ready to take those phone calls πŸ™‚

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