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Websites and digital marketing are complicated. Here we provide tips and general website help for normal people – that means minimal jargon and tech-speak!

Why you need caching

What Is A Caching Plugin & Why Do I Need One?

I suppose we better briefly explain what caching is to start with 🙂 Caching is simply the process of storing a copy of something that is frequently used. Your web browser does it already whether you realise it or not.

Expert help for your website

5 Reasons To Let The Experts Look After Your Website

Many small businesses neglect their websites. And for good reason – it’s technical, it’s boring and it’s just not what you do for your core business. But don’t let that be an excuse to just ignore your site. Even if just 1 customer a month finds you because of that

Why Update

Why Should You Update WordPress Plugins?

You probably already know how important it is to keep WordPress updated, but what about plugins and themes? The short answer here is that yes, it’s important to keep everything updated. But the reasons why are worth knowing too.