Finding a WordPress Web Designer to Build Me a Website

WordPress website design

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to build a website. It’s also the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) – it powers about 1/3 of all active websites.

So if you’re looking for a WordPress web designer to build you a site then you’re in the right place.

So What Is WordPress?

It’s the software that sits on your web hosting server. It’s the thing you log in to in order to access the administration area of your website and to add new content. It controls what the visitors to your site actually see. And it does all this without you needing to understand code, html or css. Using it to create basic content is just like using a word processor.

We call it a ‘CMS’ (Content Management System) simply because that’s exactly what is does – it’s a System to Manage your Content.

Why Would I Want WordPress for My Website?

Because it runs so many of the world’s websites, WordPress is extremely well supported by the development community. This means if there is a function or feature that you need, you are pretty much certain that somebody has already created a ‘plugin’ to provide it.

WordPress alone is powerful and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. But this 3rd party development community and the ability to extend and adapt WordPress takes it to the next level so that a WordPress website design has become one of the most popular ways to build modern websites.

It’s also important in terms of ongoing support to have that large technical community. When you need help or want to add new advanced features to your site, you won’t have any trouble finding the support you need.

With over 24 million websites known to be running WordPress you can also be sure that support isn’t going away any time soon! So choosing a web design company that uses WordPress is rarely going to be the wrong answer for most small business websites.

Is WordPress Better for Smaller or Larger Websites?

WordPress is perfect for small and large websites alike. It needs setting up properly, which is why you should choose a good WordPress web design agency to work with (here’s some questions to ask a web designer before making your choice).

It’s actually used by some of the biggest websites in the world, and here in New Zealand WordPress is used by organisations such as Xero, Massey University and Immigration New Zealand. So it is a serious business tool for building websites.

What’s the Difference Between WordPress Development & WordPress Design?

WordPress design and development are often used to mean the same thing – basically ‘build me a wordpress website’.

But they are really two separate things.

WordPress design is the creation of the general layout of your website – where the logo and navigation menus appear, what goes in the footer section and how things adapt to different screen sizes. It’s also the layout and visual appeal of each page – it’s what makes your website look good, be easy to navigate and when done well, keeps people on the site and turns them from visitors into prospects or sales.

WordPress development refers more to the technical side of your website. You may need a developer to set up more complex functionality, or to create custom code to add new features to your site. A WordPress development company would be able to write a new plugin for WordPress whereas a designer typically would not have those skills.

There is always some crossover between design and web development of course, because you don’t want good functionality that looks bad, nor do you want great looking design that makes your visitors work too hard to get what they need from the site.

So if you’re looking for someone to build you a new website on the WordPress platform, or redesign an outdated one, then you’re really looking for a WordPress web designer rather than a developer.

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